Sponsors & Partners


Rotterdam is proud of all it’s sponsors and partners who help Rotterdam be the ‘City of Sports’ of The Netherlands for all these years. Alongside the financial contribution of the city of Rotterdam, the sponsor plan shows that business and sports work very well together. Sponsors receive great benefits in return for the products and services they deliver. Benefits like hospitality during events, business to business opportunites, brand awareness and marketing communications. This way the results for the sponsors as for the sport will be optimal.

We would like to refer to the list below where our sponsors and partners will present themselves to you. If your company is interested in sponsoring opportunities for Rotterdam Topsport, we are happy to answer all of your questions.

Please contact Tony Mastrantuono of Fred van Duijvenbode at: 010 - 497 12 12


Gold sponsors

Silver sponsors



Media partners

Partners Rotterdam Topsport

Rotterdam Topsport has a great network. Alongside the companies from our sponsor group, we have contacts with boards of clubs and sport unions, schools and colleges, media, the government and with individuals. Our special relations are:


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