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27/09/2014    Supercup Basketball Woman

Supercup Basketball Woman

More information will follow soon.

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18/10/2014 - 19/10/2014    Dutch Championships Judo (men & women)

Dutch Championships Judo (men & women)

The annual battle for the Dutch Championships judo. Who picks up the men's titles? And who among the ladies?

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25/10/2014    Dutch Championships Poomsae (Taekwondo)

Dutch Championships Poomsae (Taekwondo)

In taekwondo they hava a number of tropes, one of them calls poomsae. Poomsae is a figure which is composed of the basic movements of Taekwondo. Most of them are based on the attack and / or defensive techniques, which are placed in a fixed and logical order. The figure of Taekwondo poomsae gives the practitioner the opportunity to take all the basic techniques in series with and develop further.

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10/11/2014    Memorial: Bep van Klaveren

Memorial: Bep van Klaveren

The memory of this boxer is stay alive by held this yearly mermorial at Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. This is the second most visited one-day event in the Topsportcentrum, with fewer than 3,000 spectators.

Monday 10 November is already the 21th Bep van Klaveren Memorial held in Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. The evening will open with an opening song and a minute of silence in memory of the greatest boxer that our country has ever known.

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28/11/2014 - 30/11/2014    Dutch Championships Boxing

Dutch Championships Boxing

The Dutch Championships Boxing will take place on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th, November at Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. A and B-Class will come into action during the Dutch Championships. This class will consist of men and women, juniors and seniors.

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06/12/2014    Battle of the teams (Karate)

Battle of the teams (Karate)

On December 6, 2014 the fifth international team tournament "Battle of the Teams' will take place in Topsportcentrum Rotterdam.

The Battle of the Teams is a unique karate event. It is a team competition for the coveted titles. In the karate world there are hardly any games in team, so the spirit of this international event is very high.

Because the tournament for both youth and seniors is accessible, and also fought in a rather unique composition of three karateka per team, we expect a large field.

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15/12/2014    Sport Awards Rotterdam Rijnmond

Sport Awards Rotterdam Rijnmond

The municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Sport Support, Rotterdam Topsport and RTV Rijnmond organize a stage where all the athletes from the region will be honored: Sport Awards Rotterdam Rijnmond.In an integral and dynamic program, the awards for the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Sports Team, Sports Coach and Sports Talent 2014 Rotterdam-Rijnmond be awarded. Also, the price handicap sport athlete awarded and there will be an award to the Sports Volunteer of Rotterdam and the sporting champions of the amateurs.



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16/12/2014 - 21/12/2014    Lotto NK Tennis

Lotto NK Tennis

The Lotto NK Tennis will be held in the Topsportscentre in Rotterdam from 16th till 21th December 2014. This is thé event where the best Dutch tennisplayers end their year.

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16/12/2014 - 21/12/2014    KNLTB Tennis Masters

KNLTB Tennis Masters

From December 16th till 21th 2014, the KNLTB Tennis Masters 2014 will be held in Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. The event where the Dutch tennis players the year closing, or start with the preparation for the larger Grand Slam tournaments.

Also this year a lot of attention for wheelchair tennis. During the National Wheelchair Tennis Championships (NRK) play the men's and women's singles six participants in a scheme of eight, according to the knock-out system. In doubles play four double couples to the championship.

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